About Woodford Removals

Woodford Removals has been established by its current owner Clive Maurice in 2009. Initially their newly established removals business was supposed to serve Greater London. The team soon realised the customers who expressed the greatest satisfaction from using their services where the residents of Woodford. There are two key reasons for this. First of all, the moving team know the local area and life in it the first hand and can deal with problems typical only to Woodford more effectively, for example know how to avoid traffic jam on Broadmead Road during the morning rush hour. Secondly, by being local to their customers can save on fuel consumption and price their service lower in comparison to the removal companies based further away from Woodford.

Since their first completed Woodford removal all those involved in creating the company established good working routines, both in terms or moving households and businesses safely and in terms or customer service. Our telephone line is here for you to call us during our office hours and talk to our removals supervisor about your removal needs. We can prepare quotations based on the information you provide over the telephone or by emails. Alternatively you might like to request one of our removal team to come and visit you at your convenience for free removal assessment.

Typically, we visit you and look at the contents of your property. We count all the furniture and other bulk items. We also assess your furniture for dismantling and reassembly service. It is always good to discuss your removal needs with one of our team personally during their visit your place. It is important for us to understand your expectations and know exactly what needs to be done. Its even more important to know the limitations (for example: deadline set by the estate agents) we have to address when moving your household.

Once the removal is completed you will receive an invoice from us. You can pay cash or if agreed by the supervisors directly to our bank account view days later. Your personal collected by us during our visit is confidential and is only used for the purpose of removal quotation. All information we hold about you will be removed from our systems shortly after the service completion. If there is anything else you would like to know about Woodford Removals please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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