How Removals Woodford helps local residents moving their purchases from Woodford Garden Centre

Removals Woodford has a long and successful history in safely delivering the best trees, plants, garden ornaments, outdoor seating, tables, decorations and garden accessories from Woodford Garden Centre to loyal customers all over the local E18 and E18 area. We also count as repeat customers residents from nearby areas such as Highams Park, Chingford, Clayhall, Walthamstow, Wanstead, Buckhurst Hill and Leytonstone, who rely on Removals Woodford to deliver garden purchases that are two large to carry in their own personal vehicles. This allows them to buy in bulk, benefiting from cheaper rates than they could without Removal’s Woodfords secure, safe and cost effective removals service.


Now well into November, this is an exciting time of year for garden enthusiasts as the temperature and soil condition renders the season perfect for the planting of new trees and shrubs. This is because the summer months have left the soil warm and wet, ensuring new trees will prosper and preparing them to get strongly embedded into the ground and ready to shoot up by next spring. If planning a purchase of several young trees you will want to save your car from scratches and soiling, so it is as good idea to book Removals Woodford to move them for you, along with any other shrubs, planters and compost you order from Woodford Garden Centre. Removals Woodford guarantee that they are equipped and insured to deliver all of your purchases in perfect condition, and are always happy to offer a free no-obligation quote.
Woodford was once joined to the edge of Epping Forest, and enjoys a long and illustrious history of gardens and greenery. Did you know that the old Woodford Hall was the even the birthplace of William Morris, founder of the picturesque Arts & Crafts movement? Fittingly, the site on Woodford High Road where this old hall stood in the mid-1800s is now the site of the more modern Woodford Parish Memorial Hall. To this day the area is surrounded by trees and leafy gardens, many of which are proudly stocked by goods from Woodford Garden Centre and delivered in perfect condition by Removals Woodford.
Looking to the near future, we’re already planning for spring when gardens are bursting into growth, and many customers of Woodford Garden Centre will start planning which seeds seeds to plant for the new season. They know all too well that the more they do now the more amazing their gardens will look in just a few short months. Planting trees and shrubs that flower is very beneficial as it in turn provides vital food for many beneficial insects and bees, whose presence will improve your garden immeasurably. Removals Woodford can deliver a wide variety of these fabulous trees, shrubs, and container grown plants such as perennials, ornamental trees, fruit trees, and rose bushes. Ask the staff at Woodford Garden Centre for inspiration on how to make the most colourful impact on your garden next spring.

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