Furniture Dismantling & Reassembly

Furniture dismantling at Woodford removals comes always as a set with reassembly service. When moving with us you don’t need to worry about those hidden in the corner of your bed screws. We will take care of them and all the other furniture which requires dismantling for you. Typically we dismantle and reassemble large wardrobes, beds and other furniture items too large to be moved through the door frame and narrow staircases. Our vehicles however, are large enough to accommodate large pieces of furniture without them being dismantled.

The removal team will be equipped with all the tools essential for safe and fast furniture dismantling and reassembly. They will bring electric screwdrivers and those more traditional tools such as pliers, spanners and a small hammer to nail few wall plugs in for you. We might also be able to help with reconnection of your washing machine or even attaching your flat screen TV to the wall but this must earlier be agreed with the removal supervisor. Call Woodford Removals now to discuss your furniture dismantling and reassembly needs.

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