Packing Service

Too busy to pack your boxes?  Don’t worry about it. You can ask Woodford Removals team to pack your boxes for you so you don’t have to. Packing service includes wrapping all the fragile items such as crockery and glass in specialist sheets of paper, wrapping all electronic goods in bubble wrap, folding the contents of your wardrobes and boxing all up. The packing service is provided by specialist team of packers and is usually completed one day before the removal. We supply all the necessary packaging materials or use the materials provided by you (possibly boxes you’ve used for your last removal). Whatever the arrangement for supply of packaging materials is we always prioritise your boxes. This is to cut the cost to you of packaging materials.

On the day of packing we will ask you to spend 10 min with our packing team and brief them about where things are and how some more complex items should be treated. For example: how to dismantle your three storey cake stand.  Cloths are usually folded and placed in boxes but you might like to request specialist wardrobe boxes and ask the packing team to hang the hangers in them. The wardrobe boxes are particularly practical if there are no wardrobes in the property you are moving to. You can use those boxes as temporary storage for your suits and jackets.

You can expect from your packing team to prepare your household for next day removal. You don’t have to worry about anything and even leave for the duration of the service and spend your time doing something you enjoy or simply spending time in your local leisure centre in Woodford. Upon your return you will see all the contents of your cabinets, wardrobes, drawers and storage packed into boxes, all boxes labelled, just your toothbrush and paste in the bathroom waiting to be used before you go to bed. All large items such as your telly and furniture will be taken care of by the removal team the next day.

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