Removals Woodford

We believe one of the most important aspects of removal is the safety of the goods being moved. So what do we do in order move all of your precious belongings safely? When moving with Woodford Removals you can be certain that all your fragile items will be properly protected before we even attempt to lift them up. All delicate furniture items are not only wrapped with heavy duty shrink wrap but also padded with soft removal blankets. When moving awkward items such as large sofas through narrow corridors or staircases we always look at possibilities of reducing the risk of damage both to the item we carry as well as walls of the property the item is removed from. Dismantling large furniture items such as beds, large wardrobes can significantly reduce the risk of damage. Our team are always equipped with trolleys, specialist hoisting equipment as well as tools for furniture dismantling.  We are always well prepared for all removals in Woodford but accidents rarely but happen. Like most of professional removal companies in Woodford we are fully insured. Should anything happen to your items we will compensate for their loss or damage.

Moving smaller items is much safer when proper removal boxes are used but please don’t be discouraged booking your removal with us when your belongings are placed in plastic bags. Your removal team are trained for heavy lifting and will be happy to collect loose items from the property regardless of how you packed them. In order to facilitate the process of moving heavy boxes we are going to bring trolleys and few spare cardboard boxes just in case if you run out of them at last minute.

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