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Moving home or office is much easy said than done. After you’ve gone through the long process of finding a new home or premises, the last thing you want to do it spends hours packing.

If you’re thinking about using a man and van service, you might be surprised by how much money some companies charge.

Woodford man and van service, on the other hand, aims to provide customers with great value. Not only that, but the service is totally tailored to your needs.

Why choose a man and van service?

Removals companies are great for big jobs, but if you have fewer items, a man and van service might be better. They are great for smaller moves and are much more affordable than removals companies. You might think that removals companies are pricier because their service is better. But this simply isn’t the case. Man and van companies have much smaller overheads, and can, therefore, offer very competitive prices.

But saving money isn’t the only bonus. Man and van services are often much friendly, and big companies often don’t have that personal touch. This is important because you want to know you can trust the people you are hiring. For a friendly, personable team, hire locally with Woodford Man and Van.

Is man and van for me?

You may be deciding whether to choose a removals company or a man and van service. This largely depends on how many items you need to be transported. A typical man and van team can easily handle a standard family home or small office move. The average time it takes a two-man team is about four hours. This accounts for two hours at your home, thirty minutes driving, and an hour and a half unpacking. Woodford Man and Van guarantees a fast and efficient move.

If you live in a larger home or need a big office move, then a removals company will typically the best bet. Removals companies use much larger vans that can handle many more items, while man and van services are smaller. However, this can make things easier when it comes to parking and navigating smaller roads. Overall, using the trusted Woodford Man and Van team will help you save time, money and a lot of stress.


Woodford Man and Van is partnered with, who provide all of our man and van services. Woodford Man and Van does not provide man and van services.