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If you have a piano, you might be worried about moving it to a new property. They are large, expensive musical instruments that often hold deep sentimental value with people. That’s why you want to ensure they care for every step of the way.

Piano removals are no easy task, and you’ll want a professional to help you with the job.

Woodford Removals has years of experience moving pianos and other large pieces of equipment, so you don’t have to worry about any damage.

Before we arrive, it’s important to carefully prepare your piano for transport. Follow the steps below to keep your piano protected:

1. Get a team you can trust

There are many removals companies out there, but they don’t all take the same care with your belongings. Choose a trusted local company such as Woodford Removals to safely transport your piano to your new home. We would never recommend moving a piano alone as it can be very risky.

2. Take care with the keyboard

A piano’s keys are incredibly delicate and they can be easily damaged in transit. They can be protected by closing the keyboard lid. Please do not attempt to tape the lid shut, as this will cause damage to the finish of the piano.

3. Remove all parts

Before moving, it’s important to remove any detachable parts from your piano. This includes things like pedals and music stands. You can pack them away somewhere safe, so we can reassemble them in your new home.

4. Protect the body

You must protect the body of the piano from damage. You can do this by wrapping it in specialist cushioned pads, which are designed specifically for moving. Other soft cushioned items like blankets can also work well. Make sure whatever you to secure  whatever you use in place using tape and shrink wrap.

5. Think of a plan

Think about which door (or even window) will be easiest. This will allow you to remove the piano as easily as possible. Ensure the path is clear of obstructions to avoid any unnecessary contact.

Take the hassle out of moving your piano and hire Woodford Removals to do the work for you.