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Woodford Fishing

Did you know there is a small fishing pond located near Woodford firefighters station?    Fishing there is free but there are rules you have to comply with if you want to use this public facility.
  • You must be licensed to fish here.
  • You can't fish here between 15th March and 15 June.
  • You can't fish here at night.
  • You can't use keep nets, carp sacks, live vertebrate, bait or nuts, floating bates, lures, spoons, barbed hooks, braided lines or spinners.
  • Only two rods can be used at a time.
  • You...
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Woodford Green post box collection times

The Royal Mail collects post from the post box located near Woodford Tube station near HSBC bank branch six times a week:
  • Monday to Friday at 5:15PM
  • Saturday 12:00 noon
If this is too early for you, you can always go to Romford Mail Centre, Sandgate Close where post is collected at 7:30PM.  ...
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Woodford Postbox Collection Time

The post from the post box located at the corner of Snakes Lane West, Anworth Close and Glengall Road is collected six times a week.
  • From Monday to Friday  at 5:00PM
  • Saturdays at 12:00 noon.
If you are late and won't be able to drop your letters to this post box on time a later collection is made at Romford Mail Centre in Sandgate Close....
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