Woodford Fishing

Did you know there is a small fishing pond located near Woodford firefighters station?    Fishing there is free but there are rules you have to comply with if you want to use this public facility.

  • You must be licensed to fish here.
  • You can’t fish here between 15th March and 15 June.
  • You can’t fish here at night.
  • You can’t use keep nets, carp sacks, live vertebrate, bait or nuts, floating bates, lures, spoons, barbed hooks, braided lines or spinners.
  • Only two rods can be used at a time.
  • You can put or take any plants or animals into or out of the water.

If you brakes any of your fishing equipment while fishing here please don’t forget to take the broken pieces with you when you finish. And remember, there are litter bins for your rubbish widely available in the town.

If you think there is no fish in this pond or that it is too noisy around to catch the fish. You are wrong!   The fish here are as used to the noisy buses and police sirens as you are. Its an urban fish we talking about.  Woodford fishing can be fun!


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